Tree Planter: 10-week Conditioning Program

Welcome back! Same great course as last year (with a few upgrades!) that brought so much community around preparing physically for the upcoming tree planting season! 

This year, we will run for 10-weeks, beginning on Feb 13, 2022 and then we will roll into start dates at end of April/beginning of May, officially ending April 24, 2022. But I will continue to post "Active Recovery" workouts to accommodate different start times and travel dates. You will have access to this course until Nov 1, 2022.

This program is designed specifically for tree planters by a tree planter / Athletic Therapist. I've blended my expertise on: injury assessment, injury treatment, injury prevention, fitness, lifting and moving, and my 9 years of planting. My main goal is to help you get physically prepared for the upcoming tree planting season. This is an investment for injury prevention for your body. Be prepared for the season and hit the ground running once you get on the block - don't waste time getting into shape at work, your bank account will thank you.

This is a periodization program is designed specifically for tree planters. Periodization programs are made to start off with mastering big motor movements, gaining strength and endurance and establishing a routine. Then, niches down towards sport specific movements and workouts so that you achieve 'peak performance' at the right time (flow into the planting season seamlessly). Check out the phases below, I've gone over them in a bit more detail. 

These workouts are created to be modified whether you are at home or at the gym. You are encouraged to be creative with your exercises and equipment, and I'll always be around to answer questions and help you modify! 

What to Expect

Course dates: February 13, 2022 - April 24, 2022

  • Periodized Workouts: Weekly workouts made for you with warm-ups, cools down, exercises descriptions and videos!

  • 10-Week Calendar: With workout days, cardio days, recovery days, and rest days.

  • Fitness Testing: pre-program, mid-program and post-program testing to see your progress

  • Mobility Classes: Held on Thursdays at 10am PST, to give you some tips and tricks to help with recovery and movement during this program and during the tree planting season!

  • Facebook Group: Where we will be doing our live Mobility classes and also a space to discuss, share experience, ask questions

Phases of Periodization

These are the phases we will be working through in this program

  • Anatomical Adaptation

    This phase is all about creating healthy movement patterns and routines. To create a solid foundation to build upon in the upcoming phases. - Intro to warm-up & cool-down - Fundamental movements - Intro to endurance

  • Strength & Hypertrophy

    Increasing strength and muscle hypertrophy is the name of this stage! Increasing weight, lowering reps and progressing exercises to load the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to gain strength to carry through the planting season. - Increase body awareness in movement - Increase muscular strength in movement, flexibility, endurance - Intro to planting specific movements

  • Power & Plyometrics

    This phase is where we really start turning up the dial in intensity as we shift more into planting specific exercises. - Increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility - Agility, plyometrics, power - Planting specific movements

  • Plyometrics & Peaking

    This phase is the most important as it encompasses everything learned since the first day of training. Power, strength, speed, agility, proprioception, coordination, balance, ROM, cardio endurance, muscle endurance, planting specific movements will all be combined and exercised. - Follow work schedule - Increase efficiency of planting specific movements - Integrate planting bags, shovel and boots as much as possible

  • Active Rest

    The body needs rest and time to adapt to the changes made over the previous weeks. “Going through the motions” and maintaining all aspects learned so far, taking a break, reducing reps, etc. This is a time for rest so your body can repair.

Interested in learning HOW to move?

Check out the Tree Planting Bundle which includes this 10-week Conditioning Program & Tree Planter Biomechanics: Reduce Injury & Increase efficiency


Athletic Therapist / Tree Planter

Kerri Dunsmore

My name is Kerri and I am a Certified Athletic Therapist and owner at Kerri Dunsmore Athletic Therapy. I also was a tree planter for 9 seasons in the interior of BC. I've combine my knowledge of movement and anatomy with my experience as a veteran tree planter.